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A Million Advice To Artistes In My State ( Akwa Ibom ) by Bobby Friga


Music artiste and fashionista write to advise music artiste especially those struggling to be heard in his state, Akwa ibom.
Bobby Friga Advises Artistes
He Says;
Bobby Friga Advises Artistes
let your major focus and energy in this 2020 be in your craft, be intentional about your content, position yourself where nobody can ignore you. Give out good music with meaningful lyrics, presents yourself with a professional sound, quality videos, committed promotional strategies and create an honest relationship with the necessary forces and your fans.

If you have these things my dear forget it, they will look for you, negotiate and pay you well. Stop talking too much this year, stop insulting people ke iso nwed, stop fighting event organizers except and otherwise. if you like rant from now till December, with no good content, they will not pay you well except you worth paying well.

NOTE; Entertainment business is not done on sentiments or senatorial district affiliations but on popular demand.
(work and become that demand)


*Sometimes they don’t carry you along because you are not going along or you are not standing along. (position yourself)

*They may not include you in anything because sometimes you are too big and heavy to be included. (trim yourself and be humble)

*They may not pay you well because you are not selling well. (package well)

*They may not treat you well because you went to beg and that is how beggars are treated. Many of us go about begging for stage and they give you stage not your worth.
(in this 2020 stop begging for the stage)

Yes, I am aware of the acidic hands of the wicked ones who do not want another to grow but trust me, God will uproot them out of your way this year.
(include God in your dealings, be prayerful)

*That same event you are maltreated and not well paid, they are begging and paying others better, so find out what those ones are doing and do better to gain the same treatment.
(go and work) God bless

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